Why did we make this change?
Renters have different needs and budgets. For some, having furniture is important for a monthly rental. However, especially for longer stays, renters are happy to rent an unfurnished space if that means a lower monthly rent price.
Where you'll see updates
We updated the text about what we do to focus on monthly rentals, not just furnished apartments. We also added a testimonials section.
Search apartments
: Now, you can filter by unfurnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished spaces.
Saved searches:
If you select that you're only interested in unfurnished rentals, you'll see those unfurnished listing options after saving the search.
Creating a listing:
You'll see a new question regarding if your space is furnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished. For all listings created before today, we've already selected the appropriate answer.
Listing pages (see
We updated the Overview section to clearly state how much of the space renters will get, the amount of furniture, if it's pro-rated, and if the host lives in the space.