The change
We combined inquiries (messages), booking requests, and confirmed stays into one page, Requests & Stays.
Why we changed
  • Hosts had a hard time finding their Tenants page.
  • The next step of the process, no matter what step you were on, was not clear.
Navigating with Pending, Confirmed, and Archived tabs
Requests & Stays includes a tab navigation to separate the type of request.
  • Pending: Inquiries (messages) and booking requests. The renter has not paid their rental deposit yet.
  • Confirmed: Booking requests where the renter has paid their rental deposit and therefore secured the space.
  • Archived: Expired, canceled, deleted, and declined requests
Highlighting important information in each row
Each row on
Requests & Stays
  • The renter's first name (and last name for confirmed stays) and a link to their profile
  • Listing title and address
  • Renter's move-in and move-out dates
  • Your potential earnings (for pending requests)
  • Request status and the corresponding action you need to take
  • Date the request was sent (for pending requests) and a note if they will expire soon
  • View
    link to see more information about that request
If you're ever unsure what the status means, click on the tooltip icon
next to Status to see a full list of all statuses.
Request detail
Previously, all details of the request were all shown on
Booking Requests
. Now, to view details of an inquiry, request, or stay, simply click
to see more information.
On this page, you can see:
  • The step of the process you're on to move pending requests to a confirmed stay
  • Listing title, address, and the renter's move-in and move-out dates
  • Renter name, profile picture, and link to their profile
  • The latest message and a link to your conversation with them in
  • Total Earnings, where you can see a breakdown of all payments and the ability to edit any of these payments or dates to make special offers or changes
  • Your house rules, cancellation policy, and other information shared with your renter per your listing